How a Photoshoot Works (The Process From Start to Finish)

For those who are curious, this is the process of booking a photoshoot!

Photoshoot Process

  1. Consultation

  2. Design Session

  3. Photo Session

  4. The Reveal


This can be a multi-step process depending on the complexity of your shoot. This can happen over the phone or in a coffee shop. We go over budget, theme, and products at this stage. Once you decide on the date, we sign contracts and you’re officially booked in my calendar – meaning, no one else can book me on that date.

Design Session

This happens through Pinterest and email. This is where we get on the same page about the actual art piece you want created – be that a personal branding campaign to use in your marketing, or a family shoot on the beach, this is a very important stage and shouldn’t be skipped.

This tells me what mood and feeling you’re going for. You’ve chosen to book me for my expertise and because you like my style, and I very much appreciate your trust in my skills. I use this time to ensure that I can create the portraits you’re looking for.

Photo Session

Depending on what you’ve booked, this happens either in the morning at your home (baby/family shoots), during sunset on location, or at an event or gig. Portrait sessions indoors typically last about two hours with outfit changes and set up. On location shoots can take as little as 30 minutes or up to an hour depending on the sun, complexity of the shots needed, and the weather. We go back and forth between shooting and talking. Often on set, while in the middle of a conversation, you’ll fall into a relaxed pose without realizing it – and I’ll stop you and immediately start shooting again. It’s that slip into comfort that translates so beautifully on camera, and it’s that ease of motion that I strive to capture in my portraits.

The Reveal

This is where you get to see your portraits retouched to perfection, printed, and matted for you to look through. You can even take home your portraits that same day! There is no pressure to buy and there is no minimum purchase required. You only take home the portraits that you love and cannot live without.

How Long Does It Take?

Portrait sessions can take up to a month to complete from your first consultation to your reveal session. Please let me know if you need a quicker turn around time and I’ll let you know my availability. 

I personally work on every step of the process and I see the project through to completion (designing your shoot, photographing you, retouching, printing, and matting). When you book a professional artist, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality product in exchange for your time and investment. I love what I do and I love that I’m able to offer my services to others who appreciate it.

I offer personal branding sessions for artists and entrepreneurs, family sessions, small events (under 60 guests), and artist design services. Learn more on my services page.