Best Times to Take Photos

Natural light photography allows you to get a number of different looks without the need for heavy lighting equipment. Knowing the look you love will help you know when to book your photoshoot. Learn more below!

In the Morning

You'll get a beautiful soft glow in your portraits that makes for a natural and effortless look. 

Golden Hour (two hours before sunset)

You'll get that gorgeous golden halo effect when your photographer shoots into the sun as it sets.

On a Cloudy Day

Those clouds make for a beautiful natural soft box that diffuses the light so beautifully. 

Tips & Tricks

You'll never have to worry about lighting when you book a shoot with a professional photographer. But if you're taking photos on your own, always remember to look to the sun! 

Take your photos facing the window on a bright or cloudy day. It will illuminate your eyes and brighten your face tremendously. 

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you discover what style of photography you're interested in. Natural light photography can produce a number of beautiful results, you just have to know when to shoot for them.