"What am I going to do with Twenty portraits of myself?"

I'm glad you asked! You could:

  1. Put one or two on the wall and the rest in the heirloom box they came in, cycling out the portraits to keep your walls fresh throughout the year. 
  2. Gift a portrait to your mother, your mother-in-law, your spouse or significant other, your aunties in Greece, your uncles in Canada, your God parents, your best friend, etc. The list goes on, and on. 
  3. Save them for when you're feeling down about yourself. Take out your box and reminisce on your portraits that made you feel beautiful when you took them. 
  4. Display the box on your coffee table. It's a great conversation starter. How many people do you know off the top of your head who have had a personalized photography experience like the one you had at Persephone Studios? 
  5. Save them with the portraits you have of your ancestors. These are heirlooms you will one day love to pass down to your children.
  6. Gift one to your kids. They'd love to have a beautiful portrait of you and the family on their wall. 
  7. Put them on Facebook and Instagram. Share them with everyone you love. Your friends will love how happy you look in your portraits. You'll hear comments like, "Your eyes are stunning in this one," or, "She really caught your laugh well in this one."
  8. Update your business profiles periodically with different shots from your session. Every three months, put a different one up from your shoot. It's an easy way to keep updated with just one photoshoot.
  9. Put your portrait on your professional 'about me' section of your website. Your branding shots will set you apart from your competitors. 
  10. Cherish them. You had the courage to do a photoshoot and you came away with beautiful portraits. Cherish them. Not everyone has the courage to be photographed, even though everyone has a unique beauty that would look stunning in a portrait. 

I hope you've come up with a few ideas for what to do with your portraits. Read up on more tips and tricks in the Knowledge Base for planning your next shoot with Persephone Studios. If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!