Why I Sell Prints, Not Digitals

I get asked this question a lot,

We just want the digitals. Do you sell just digitals without prints?

The short answer is, "No," but I have good reasons, I promise! 

To clarify though, you receive the digital image with each print you purchase, ensuring that you're receiving the best product for your money. On top of that, you also receive personal printing rights, allowing you to print from home from your favorite labs. 


In my experience, the digital gallery doesn't work

You're excited that you receive your photos, you post them on social media, then life gets in the way and you forget to order prints from your choice of print lab. Months go by before you remember to order them, if you ever do.

On top of that, purely digital photographers often deliver hundreds of photos for you to choose from. This is added stress and can be overwhelming for you to choose from. Out of the hundreds of photos, typically only a handful of them are ones you'd want to hang on the wall, anyway. 

I take the stress out of this process. We work with the end goal in mind, be that designing your shoot for your gallery wall at home, or designing announcement cards for your graduate. You'll always walk away with a finished product when working with Persephone Studios. 

Facebook wall vs Living room wall

Digital photos are great for sharing with your family and friends on social media. However, the digital gallery quickly gets lost in the news feed. Soon it is lost between pictures of your cat and pictures of your lunch. You've spent time creating beautiful memories and these memories should be cherished over and over again. Every time I look at my printed photos hung in my living room, I remember those good times. I want you to feel the same.

Show off your prints in style

The way I see it is, you're already spending your hard earned cash on a photoshoot from a professional. Why would you skimp on the products that you'll ultimately be showing off to your friends and family? It's like purchasing a new smart phone and then immediately putting a scratched screen protector on it, ultimately degrading your quality of enjoyment out of your experience with it. 

Quality and Expertise you can Trust

The biggest reason I don't just sell digitals is because I take pride in the finished products that I create at Persephone Studios. I work with some of the best vendors out there to deliver beautiful, heirloom quality products to your door. From durable mats from Australia, to leather heirloom boxes in Italy, to vibrant prints sourced from our neighbors in Santa Cruz - I love what I create and I'm convinced you will, too.