Artists Personal Branding

Andrew Lawrence of Weasel Bleu


I’ve gotten a reputation in the photography field for “getting up close and personal” with my headshots. There’s something I really love about simplicity and detail that I don’t think you can really achieve when you get those beautifully dramatic, sweeping portraits that feature cliffs and mountains and oceans in the background. There’s something very vulnerable and tangible about the cropped close up that I absolutely love.

But despite its simplicity, it is not always an easy shot to achieve. I’ve learned so much while taking portraits - and probably the best thing I’ve learned is to move quickly. You want to grab that shot in between someone’s sentences. You want to grab that vulnerable smile that they make while they’re talking about something they love. You want to freeze moments - authentic ones. The hardest thing about taking someone’s portrait when you’re just starting out is that you think, “I’ll just frame it real good and take the shot.” But there’s another part of the equation that you’re leaving out if you think that way: your client and the walls they put up when they see a camera. I want authenticity. I want to see the vulnerable. I want to take a shot that is honest. I want a glimpse behind those walls. I’m a perfectionist and I’ll keep shooting until I think I’ve come away with something that at least brushes against that ideal.

I’m very proud of these photos I took of my friend Andrew. He’s a really phenomenal musician. I’ve been meaning to share these portraits for so long. Please take a look at his website if you have a moment. He creates beautiful music. -

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