Here are some sweet things my past clients have said about my work. 


“I don’t know if I can truly express how happy I am with our whole engagement photo experience, but I’ll try. To begin with, I was feeling very nervous about the whole thing & felt uncertain about even having photos taken, but from the outset Victoria helped me feel more comfortable and confident, and by the middle of our shoot I wasn’t remotely self-conscious anymore about posing. I was just enjoying the experience. We had a planning session where I practiced poses & we talked about who we are as a couple & what we wanted our photos to express.

During the shoot Victoria helped us remember to laugh and posed us in ways that helped us to just connect with one another & not worry about what she was doing. We also had a very silly (but very “us”) idea for some bonus photos, and I am so amazed at her ability to make even those offbeat ones look so beautiful. I actually started crying at the reveal. Her ability to find the light and frame shots is absolutely superb. They look magical. My favorites are probably a few solo shots of my fiancé – he NEVER poses for photos at home, and usually pulls faces when I try, but she caught his true spirit so perfectly. Our photos manage to look both polished and intimate at the same time. What an amazing combination of artistry, professionalism, and genuine kindness to find in a photographer!”

– Ani



"I'm so happy to see and share these shots from @Persephone_Studios ! I started dedicating more time to my career as an artist, I felt it was time I did some professional photos that spoke to me more as a creative. They were also a treat to myself - I didn't have any nice photos of me from the last five years. I've been very candid and open about my self-esteem and body image issues the last couple years, and I realized that I'd dip back into those negative thoughts any time I saw photos of me from photoshoots in my college days. It felt like I had lost that girl, and I was never going to be that level of confidence again. But learning to show yourself love and kindness is a daily practice, one I'm catching up on and getting better at little by little.

Victoria, thank you so much for capturing me in this way. Though I kept it together, I truly felt like crying at the reveal session; seeing myself looking the way that I've always wanted to feel like was powerful and affirming."

- Addi

"I can’t thank @persephone studios enough for the amazing milestone photos of my girls. Teenagers are often difficult to work with and please but I can’t thank Victoria enough for the outcome of our outdoor photo shoot. Hailey (16) and Kate (13) were equally pleased with the final product and I received an out pour of compliments on how stunningly beautiful my daughters are. Their beauty and personalities could only be captured by an incredible photographer!"

- Frances



“I’ve been incredibly fortunate over the past decade to count Victoria as a friend- we’ve gone from our high school years, UCSC, and now into our lives after school pursuing careers in the arts. Victoria has taken my portrait repeatedly in the last five years and it’s been remarkable to have these years documented.

Now she’s establishing her own photography business and I couldn’t be more excited to see where she goes with it. My recent session with her was the best we’ve had so far, from her ability to set me at ease in poses and guide me through the shoot to the end product, which I couldn’t be happier with. If you’re ever looking for high quality photography, I recommend you look into hiring her!”

– Conor McClure, Tango and Pilates Instructor


"Victoria has been a lovely friend of mine that I was fortunate enough to first cross paths with in high school. She is a very talented individual with an expansive creative palette and a strong eye for details. As a dancer and dance teacher I have had to work with photographers for shoots and Victoria is the one who knows exactly what she is doing and how to capture that perfect image. She not only knows how to connect with an individual and make one feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin but also knows how to talk someone through the process to capture a shot. She is very artistic and knows how to start with a blank canvas and add so much depth to it.

Anytime I have worked with her she has this beautiful, bubbly charm that helps bring me out of my shell and partner with her. Plus anytime I’ve seen a finished product from her I’ve been beyond excited. She has hands down taken the best photos of me and she’s an absolute joy to work with!"

- Marissa


"Victoria of @persephone_studios really did an incredible job. I felt comfortable and she directed me in everything. What I truly love about this image is how she captured my smile. The smile where my one dimple shows and my eyes start to wrinkle up. The big lovable happiest kind of genuine smile because I went out of my comfort zone and felt good and comfortable!"

- Kim